Welcome to the JUA

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Overview

Welcome to the JUA, where we believe that all writers, artists, scholars, and musicians should experience acceptance at least once in their career. Our aim is to fulfill your goal.  We are a journal dedicated to sending you a Letter of Acceptance, regardless of the quality of your work.  As such, we see ourselves as providing a valuable public service, a sort of counterpoint to the (completely unaffiliated) Journal of Universal Rejection, where you will experience a different result altogether.

Why should you submit your work to the JUA?

  • Most importantly, you will receive that long-awaited Letter of Acceptance, the reward for your long years of toil as an unrecognized creative or intellectual genius, as the case may be.
  • You retain all rights, foreign and domestic, over any copyrights, patents, or trademarks, implied or explicit, in your work.
  • Your work will remain unpublished–although we ACCEPT all works, we actually PUBLISH none of them–thus allowing you the freedom to shop your work elsewhere while accurately representing the work as Never Before Published.
  • No delay!  You will receive your Letter of Acceptance promptly, after which you can print it and impress your friends and acquaintances.

What works does the JUA accept?

  • If you can send it in good conscience and without violating national or international law, we will accept it.
  • More specifically, we accept fiction, non-fiction, short fiction, long fiction, poetry, prose, scholarly works, tables and diagrams, comics, cartoons, jokes, songwriting, actual music, art, conceptual art, photography, links to original works of any of the above, and anything else of any kind that can conceivably be transmitted via email.

What formats does the JUA accept?

  • PDFs, MP3s, and links are preferred.  Malware-free submissions are greatly preferred.

How do I submit my work?

How often is the journal published?  When will I see my work in print?

  • The JUA is not published.  The hard truth is that you may never see your work in print.  This has been the fate of many unrecognized geniuses through the ages, and it may well be your fate.  But that shouldn’t stop you from receiving your Letter of Acceptance.  Submit now to realize your dreams!

Am I going to end up on a mailing list of some sort?

  • Absolutely not.  We do not have a mailing list and will never have a mailing list.  We aren’t trying to monetize anything, and we don’t really care WHO you are, we’re just happy that you’re doing something creative.

Who are the forces behind the JUA?

  • Forces?  Seriously?  No.  There is only me (I prefer to remain unnamed), my friend Krista (who suggested I put it together), and the completely-unaffiliated-with-us Journal of Universal Rejection, which prompted the idea in Krista’s mind.